Take your OR to the next level

mediAVentures in-house engineering, combined with state of the art network audio and video tools unlocks a whole new range of possibilities for your OR

making live surgery more accessible than ever

remote OR - core principles

fixed installation

a small team of mediAVentures specialists preps one or more OR's outside of regular operating hours.
together with the hospital's IT department, we find the best tailor-made solution to connect all relevant signals to our HQ in Melle using existing hospital infrastructure alongside our state-of-the-art equipment.
after this step, everything can run remotely

approachable technology

if you run into an interesting case, a single nurse can prep the OR, ready to go live within minutes.
if needed, engineers in our HQ can assist during this process remotely

no travel required

global restrictions and challenges throughout 2020 have fueled the development of our remote OR technology.
simplifying production logistics, lowering our footprint and physical presence within the hospital and OR workflow


whether you just want to record a case for future reference, create detailed procedure movies with our studio editors, or you want to showcase your work in front of a live audience at a specialized congress, the mediAVentures HQ team is always stand-by to take control of your OR and to record or patch the video mix to a global audience

scalable team

every procedure and live case is unique, a team of experts, best suited for your needs is always on-call in our HQ.
whether it's a streaming specialist, web developer, recording technician or video director, we are happy to assist

LET's see what we can do for you today!

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