mediAVentures studios

every pixel counts, whether it's the creation of branded content to streamline the look and feel of your event, post-production editing of educational videos or bringing multiple timecoded recording tracks from the OR to life for a case video.

discover what our specialist editing team can do for you.

pre-production content studio to create a streamlined workflow

opening movies and product teasers

branded backgrounds – both still and moving

creation of pixel perfect video guidelines across all rooms

editing of pre-recorded virtual talks - with automated feedback and approval system via our online review toolset

post-production of all talks and sessions

voice-over capabilities

large data archives and servers

fix any bumps that occurred during the live talk

all finished files are shared with the organizers after the event

access to original presentation files to extend post-production options

add interesting content directly to your E-learning platform

record challenging cases

we bring specialized equipment best suited for your case

multi track recording for unlimited flexibility in post production

we value your input – you choose the shots and the flow of the final edit

you can meet our team in the studio, or collaborate remotely with timecoded files

LET's see what we can do for you today!