transmission and connectivity is the backbone of every mediAVentures project.
from a single fiberoptic cable connecting a nearby audience, to multiple bi-directional signals bouncing of multiple satellites across continents, we strive to find and implement the best suited connection for your project.
bringing educational and surgical action closer to a worldwide audience using the latest technology available, more interactive than ever.

best-in-class satellite connections with dedicated bandwidth for highest reliability

multiple bi-directional video and audio streams – HD and UltraHD

various Ku-band and C-band uplink options

point-to-point transmission up to 12km with speeds exceeding 1Gbit/sec

7GHz microwave video transmission up to 30km when line-of-sight is available

temporary custom fiber connections up to 1 kilometre allowing uncompressed, multi-feed video transmission

bundle multiple 4G and 5G networks to establish connections

*sufficient local coverage required

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